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Excellence & Innovation is an integrated program for innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and value creation. It combines disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry.

​Its superior track record of innovation, leadership development, strategy execution and value creation results for over two decades has won multiple industry awards and accolades worldwide, including the Global Award of Excellence, the Top Company for Leadership Development at the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit Award.

Our journey leading and scaling Culture, Business and Digital Transformations for value creation, from Startups to Fortune 50, spans more than 50,000 cross-industry leaders and practitioners in more than 20 countries.


Learn how you can
Identify or develop highly engaged innovators and entrepreneurs in your organization
Build a sustainable culture of Excellence & Innovation anywhere in the world
Leverage exponential technologies that rapidly scale business innovation and value creation
Identify, prioritize and implement innovations that create the most value, in the shortest time, and simplest means

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“It was life changing experience for me and my team, thanks to Jose Pires, we are exceeding expectations internally and externally”
Amy Martinez
Sarasota, FL
“We were looking for a program that would align our company culture with a newly acquired entity and the program delivered it in a very short span of time.”
Mary Williams
Dodge City, KS
“With family run business, it’s not easy to incorporate change. But I can easily refer Jose Pires for flawlessly executing leadership change management sessions”
Amanda Everett
Mount Morris, IL
Years experience

Advisory Board leader, Keynote Speaker and Mentor

Development Helps
Workgroups Realize:

Increased Profits

Combined business innovation and synergies yielding audited EBITDA benefits in excess of $1 billion for a $35 Billion Global Oil & Gas Company with 14,000 employees

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Higher employee satisfaction, including 20-fold increase in voluntary engagement, driven by idea-meritocracy mechanisms and collaborative leadership development.

Value Creation

2,000+ strategic and value creation business innovations from all functional areas implemented within 18 months. All 14,000 employees trained and engaged in companywide innovations within 12 months.

Jose Pires Excellence and Innovation

Jose Pires

José Pires serves as Excellence & Innovation (E&I) executive leader and advisor for cross-industry organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 50, where he oversees the global identification, prioritization and execution of high value business improvements and innovations for the companies, business partners, and customers in multiple markets. 

Pires has held Excellence & Innovation and Business Transformation leadership positions across multiple industries, including electronics (Sony), semiconductor (Cymer-ASML), food (Nestlé), energy / water / telecommunications infrastructure (Black & Veatch), and oil & gas / energy (Andeavor-Marathon Petroleum). Throughout his career, Pires developed and refined E&I as an award-winning program to accelerate innovation, leadership development, strategy execution, and value creation, positively impacting more than 100 organizations and 50,000 professionals in 20+ countries.

Pires is an advisory board leader and keynote speaker for organizations and global conferences on innovation, excellence, culture, business and digital transformation, leadership development, strategy execution, customer experience, core, adjacent and disruptive technologies, and growth acceleration.


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Four hours session

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  • Expandable upto 8 hours
  • Online sessions available
  • Dates will be fixed upon confirmation

Team of 5


4 hours session

  • Pay per session
  • Expandable upto 8 hours
  • Online sessions available
  • Custom dates available

Business (15 or more)


Custom sessions of 4 hours each

  • Pay per session
  • Expandable upto 8 hours with a 50% discount
  • Online sessions available
  • Custom date and time

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Excellence and Innovation

  • Winner of the global award for Business Transformation & Operational Excellence at world summit.
  • Ranked #1 US Private company for Leaders (Chief Executive Magazine).
  • 10-fold increase in voluntary employee engagement (7,000+ globally) and value creation of $150M.
  • 400+ innovations to all stages of $500M+ EPC project proposals, execution, management and supply chain, including significant innovations to key project support functions and client operations.
  • Evolution has led to technology growth accelerators, hackathons, and new businesses being launched(vertical farming, data centers, mining)

Culture and Business 

If “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, Excellence & Innovation may easily become side dishes. Nearly 90% of all major organizational initiatives or programs die a slow death, systematically chewed up by the jaws of culture. Let’s break the cycle and serve a dinner of best practices from great, enduring organizations that have transformed their cultures into their greatest competitive advantage.

This Executive Masterclass highlights effective mechanisms and practical approaches for cultural transformation:

  • Evaluating cultural status, history and resistance to change
  • Intentionally designing a culture for competitive advantage
  • Identifying and engaging cultural champions, influencers, and leaders
  • Engaging and energizing the workforce to implement change that creates value
  • Accelerating leadership development aligned with the new culture
  • Transforming apathy and complacency into a purpose driven organization that delivers results

Innovation Acceleration: Unleashing the Power of Great People and Organizations

In a fast-changing world, how do you build a culture where extraordinary innovation becomes ordinary? A culture that lasts and consistently delivers exponential leaders, growth and value creation.

The key ingredients to innovation acceleration are not what you see portrayed most often in the media. Great, enduring organizations know what it really takes to create and, most importantly, scale innovation. 

We explore how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry.

This high energy session engages the audience in powerful collaborative leadership principles applied to business improvement and innovation. In the “Need for Speed” challenge, participants will collaborate to innovate in real time and “make the impossible, possible.”

Collaborative Leadership and Innovation Execution

Intensive, highly interactive and collaborative four-day course to prepare participants to ideate, scope, lead and implement high value innovation projects.

Course content includes:

  • ​Value driven, venture capitalist approach to innovation project selection
  • Detailed case studies demonstrating innovation techniques and methods
  • “Innovation through simplification” approaches and applications
  • Application of core, adjacent, and disruptive innovation principles 
  • Growth accelerators and exponential technologies
  • Data science, advanced experimentation and statistical techniques
  • Organizational culture, change management and key influencers
  • Advanced presentation skills and science based, emotional storytelling
  • Failure and vulnerability: the art of being wrong to innovate
  • Advanced collaborative leadership skills, tools and techniques